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Me gustan estos lentes, el diseño, los marcos y el polarizado del lente son muy suaves a la vista, también me gusta que flotan en el agua perfectos para deportes acuáticos

I love my new Bamboo Sunglasses

The sunsets are beautiful. These sunglasses are really cool.

Great Sunglasses, Amazing mission

These sunglasses are the best! I absolutely love the style and sleek design. It feels great knowing my purchase can help build a sustainable, eco-friendly world :)

Best Sunglasses Ever!

Bambuddha sunglasses are so timeless, stylish and most important eco-friendly. I was my rocking my 1st pair of Mary Jane in a super empowering way in Nicaragua, and now with my second pair I'm sooo ready to conquer and belong to the Pacific Norwest in the USA, I love it!

My favorite pair of shades

I own quite a few nicer pairs of shades between Ray-Ban and Kaenon, top of the line, blah blah blah and always choose these. They're lighter, more comfortable and fit so well with the rest of my style so it's tough not to choose them.

Great Sunglasses: Eco-Friendly and Swaggy

Just got these a couple of days ago and absolutely love them! They fit great and make you look extra cool. The tint is a little on the red side, so they really give you this calm view of life when you have this on. Made of bamboo, feel sturdy and float, they're awesome!

Hip, Happening, Sunshine

Who doesn't love a rainbow, with a little twinkle in its form, a lightness to its being and a great tone to its shades, Bam-slam Bambuddha!

Love my Bambuddha sunglasses

I bought my first pair 4 years ago. I love them very light weight , fashionable and durable .Well worth the price ! 😎❤️

Favourite Sunglasses Brand

These are my third pair of Bambuddha sunglasses. I love them. They are stylish, light, have polarized lenses, and they float in water. I always gets compliments on Bambuddha glasses and I make sure to tell people where to go to get their own pair. They are long-lasting, sustainable, and a superior brand to the majority of others out there.

So fun!

I LOVE all my bambuddah glasses... they aren’t as delicate as they may seem, they look amazing and they feel so light on your face.

Good for all

I have owned these for years. I have also given them as gifts which is always very well received. The glasses are well made and comfortable. I am a swimmer. You will not loose these glasses swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans because they float !!! It always feels good to purchase products that benefit the earth too!

Best Pair of Sunglasses I have ever had!

Best Pair of Sunglasses I have ever had!
These sunglasses will change your life! First of all they are beautiful. Light weight. Original! I cannot tell you the amount of people that stop me and say OMG I love your sunglasses - I feel like a vogue fashion model. Plus they are the best lens I have every had. Clear bright vision that blocks out the sun. I even lent them to a friend one day when we were driving as I was the passenger and it was a sunny day and my friend did not have sunglasses. She was blown away by the protection and clarity - and light weight easy feel on the face of the fantastic Bambudha design. Within moments she was like I need a pair!
I used to use ray ban wayfarer sunglasses. I left them on a plane and found this company and decided to give another sunglass brand a shot. I have to say that these are way better than ray bans! I will be purchasing other styles.
The colour is exactly as you see it in the photos.
Honestly I cannot say enough about these amazing sunglasses. Plus the customer service is second to none. They will move mountains to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your purchase.

Love this sunnie!

Got this from kickstarter couple of years ago. Still using it and still in excellent condition! Super lightweight and stylish! Also loving the case - really helps keep the sunnie in great condition! Thanks for making this! :)

Best travel glasses ever

I got my pair a while ago and to be honest I love them. I love that they float. I literally wear them all the time when I'm near a body of water. I'vliterally watched most of my friends lose glasses into bodies of water and cry about how much money they just lost. Meanwhile when i drop mine they always makmake it back

Well-made shades :)

They come in a nice little bamboo case and bag - the sunglasses themselves are dark, smooth wood with solid hinges. Money well spent if you don't want to have to replace your sunglasses for a long time.

Best Pair of Sunglasses Ive had all my Life!

I was never a sunglasses type a' guy, always lost them, wasnt my thing and never committed to spending $$ on this ever before....
But I purchased the Zen Masters almost 3 years ago, and they have been with me ever since; great quality and durability, not a scratch on them and I recommend them 100%. Great style and the polarized tint is awesome.

Light weight

They are very light weight and hold securely to your head. Great all round sunglasses 😎 thank you and support to the wildlife a huge bonus too!

Love these sunglasses!

I was looking for just the right pair of sunglasses, and this was the pair! I love that they're made with bamboo and the lenses are polarized, plus the lenses are made from polycarbonate which makes the glasses more lightweight. Plus they're stylish to boot! Highly recommended!

Supporting a great cause

I bought a pair of Moonshyne, in support of a lake clean up Bambuddha staff was involved in in South America. I thought it was really great where they were and the community outreach programs there they were organizing. So I wanted to support them!

I received my Moonshynes and I got the impressions when I handled them that they were high quality. The hinges were sturdy and rigid, for example. A friend commented that they remind them of Ray-Bans, haha. But either way, I appreciate the people at Bambuddah and know first-hand that they are great people.

The Sir

Ive had a pair before so i know the quality is excellent. Its been a month since my purchase and still have not received them. There is no current tracking info. Thats my only issue

These are great, a dark lens which is great for my sensitive eyes and the glasses are a pleasure to wear while driving, really COOL frames, and very comfortable.The lenses are very good, I can see clear with no glare. I don't mind having them on my bigger size head for prolonged periods of time and they fit very well. Very impressed with the quality and the price

I have a pair myself , very durable and strong ,and On top of it all , it floats on water!

Best sunglasses ever!

I loves these shades. They’re super light and don’t give me a headache while looking super stylish. My favorites!

Searching for eco sunglasses this ones are the choice!! THE BEST !

Love, love, love

I love everything about this product, the lightweight frames, the tint on the lenses and that they are made out of bamboo! I also love the fact they are environmentally friendly and give back a portion of their proceeds! It’s a win, win!